M2eX partners with Sales Managers in helping them define and close sales execution gaps. We offer three unique sales management coaching services, so you can select which solution best meets your own coaching needs and your sales team’s development:

  1. Personalized Sales Manager Coaching Services sharpens the vision and augments the leadership capabilities of a front line sales manager who has lapsed or little coaching training. Customized 1:1 situational coaching sessions spanning over 10 to 12 weeks with an experienced M2eX coach.
  2. Sales Team Coaching Services helps experienced sales managers who have time constraints preventing sufficient 1:1 coaching .The Sales Manager establishes an active partnership with an M2eX coach with the objective of efficiently meeting the varied coaching needs of his sales team. The M2eX Coach acts as a lifeline, enabling an overextended sales manager by providing tactical directive and discovery sales coaching to their sales professionals, guided by sales strategies established by the sales manager. In addition, M2eX coach will identify sales execution obstacles limiting the sales managers’ sales team from achieving revenue results and optimal productivity.  Coaching sessions span over 10 to 12 weeks.
  3. Peer-to-Peer Coaching Services helps Sales Managers take advantage of the unique experiences, broad expertise and tribal knowledge of the individuals on their sales team in order to facilitate the sharing of success stories and best practices across their teams. M2eX Coach works with sales managers to create a collaborative framework and establish a comfortable forum for sales professionals enabling the peers to share their positive experiences, guidance on obstacles, and recommend proven resources to use throughout the business development process.