Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching Customized Duration

Our Peer-to-Peer Coaching Solution helps Sales Managers capture unique experiences, broad expertise and tribal knowledge of their sales team members. A M2eX Coach collaborates with sales leaders to create a collaborative framework and establish a comfortable forum for team members to share positive experiences, receive guidance on obstacles, and apply recommend proven resources to close the business development opportunity.

Participant Profile:

Sales Managers, Strategic Account Managers, Sales Professionals and Solution Consultants

Participation will Enable:

  • Sales Leaders and Strategic Account Managers a forum to invite collaboration amongst sales team and strategic account team members focused on a common business development and/or relationship management goal
  • Sales Professionals and cross functional strategic account team members a comfortable and productive environment to efficiently share proven practices, common challenges, and valuable recommendations for preparing and managing these strategic account activities
  • An M2eX coach to facilitate and encourage peers to share their experiences, and successful practices, establishing a comfortable coaching culture

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