Individual Sales Coaching Customized Duration

Our Individual Sales Coaching Solution helps both new and experienced sales professionals and strategic account managers realize their full sales performance potential. By establishing an active partnership with an M2eX coach with the objective to confirm your current strengths and identify non-existing or evolving skills to enhance, you are positioned for success with targeted and personalized 1:1 sales performance coaching.

Participant Profile:

New or experienced sales professionals who have a desire to accelerate their individual sales performance with 1:1 situation specific coaching with an experienced M2eX sales coach

Participation will enable:

  • Experienced or new sales professionals engage in  time sensitive coaching with a highly experienced M2eX sales coach to help qualify and advance opportunities while developing and enhancing  key selling skills and competencies
  • The M2eX Coach to share positive feedback, best practices and guide sales professionals progress of committed coaching plan
  • Experienced sales professional to receive insights on their strengths, and use internal and external sales execution tools to accelerate progress and achievement of goals

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