If you are ready to take sales execution to the next level and consistently achieve or exceed sales goals, then M2Execution™ is the partner you need to maximize potential.

M2Execution™ (M2eX™) is a Naperville, Illinois-based firm specializing in sales and customer experience optimization. M2eX™ has developed highly customizable programs that are geared toward enabling and elevating sales performance at both an individual and management level.

M2eX™ partners with each client to assess current challenges and gaps inhibiting sales execution. Once the gaps are defined, we work in collaboration with our customers to tailor training and/or coaching solutions to directly address the defined gaps and reinforce sustainable behavior change needed to accelerate sales growth and execution.

What We Do

M2eX™ offers insightful consultation, training & coaching services in the following four key areas:

New Business Development

Sales Execution

Sales Performance Development

Leadership Development

Through leveraging these services, our clients have consistently achieved or exceeded business development and revenue generation goals, penetrated new markets and increased customer loyalty based on Net Promoter Scores (NPS). We have built award-winning sales teams for progressive medium-sized firms and Fortune 500 companies, and we take great pride in helping clients achieve unprecedented revenue growth and market dominance in their respective industries.

Why M2eX?

About Maureen Haga

MAUREEN HAGA, president and principal of M2Execution™, is an insightful, collaborative and highly respected sales performance development specialist, who has dedicated herself to training, coaching and motivating sales organizations to overcome sales challenges and dominate their markets.

Maureen is a client advocate who effectively manages change and reinforces winning behaviors in a sales organization. Her ability to quickly diagnose obstacles impeding sales achievement combined with her highly customized approach enable her to excel at, not only delivering exceptional training material, but at facilitating change to create sustainable results.

Frequently lauded for her multi-industry knowledge, futuristic vision and ability to motivate and mobilize workforces, Maureen’s clients are informed, conscientious sales organizations and sales professionals that are squarely focused on creating competitive advantage. Differentiated by her positive energy, unique process, and experience in strategic execution, Maureen helps identify and remove obstacles to hitting revenue targets.

Maureen’s approach is hands-on, high-touch and customized according to defined sales objectives. A self-fashioned business development practitioner and entrepreneur, Maureen’s strength is in invigorating stagnant sales forces, reinforcing mission-critical behaviors and cementing customer-centric sales processes to take sales execution to the highest level.

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