My Mobile Coach™

This M2eX proprietary mobile coaching tool instills the confidence required for sales professionals to adequately prepare and conduct effective business development dialogues while helping optimize the use of company resources at every stage of the sales process. The intuitive My Mobile Coach is a lifeline for the multi-generational work force and will:

On Demand Coaching

Enable on demand, sales process situation specific coaching and training reinforcement accessible at the exact point of need

Facilitate Accountability for Outcomes

Engage sales professionals by extending the Sales Manager’s coaching reach and facilitate much needed accountability by providing a direct line of sight into sales process activities, calls and outcomes

Establish Credibility and Innovation

Establish credibility and emphasize thought leadership and innovation through the use of current coaching content with ease of use mobile delivery

My Mobile Coach™


The sales execution tools provided in these sessions have helped me create effective business development dialogue openers, as well as leverage discovery questions to truly uncover the client’s needs.

Kelley Lizarraga, Business Development Sales Executive

Sales Playbook

A highly customized, mobile sales playbook that incorporates stage specific business development dialogue openers, discovery questions and sales advancement coaching to improve opportunity and pipeline management, and enable accurate and early opportunity qualification decisions. The comprehensive, tailored Sales Playbook is a coaching tool that:

Proven Business Development Call Models

Delivers proven business development call models for sales stage specific strategies, and discovery questions to facilitate a dialogue to uncover consequences of maintaining status quo

Tailored Value Propositions and Industry Insights

Serves differentiating marketing content aligned with your unique go to market messaging, with tailored value propositions and industry insights

Confirm Buyer Priorities

Enables the sales professionals to clarify, correct and confirm buyer’s key priorities and decision making factors and accelerates pre-call planning and post call analysis coaching conversations

Sales Playbook


The Sales Playbook was an important reinforcement tool for it provided the team the ability to advance through each sales stage, using a sales strategy, specific PUB dialogue openers and/or discovery questions. M2executions sales programs will drive your organization to higher success and hold both your team and yourself accountable.

Debbie Sutherland, Vice President Sales

Sales Process Roadmap

The Sales Process Roadmap is M2eX’s innovative sales process coaching tool aimed at addressing the myriad of sales execution inconsistencies arising from non-existing or a poorly defined sales process. It is a strategic and tactical roadmap with sales stage specific STOP GAP advancement criteria designed to accelerate and close sales opportunities. The Sales Process Roadmap is a foundational tool for sales organizations and proves invaluable in:

Sales Process Aligned with Customer Buying Process

Establishing a common sales process with consistent language that is aligned with the company’s strategic initiatives, sales goals and the customer/prospect’s buying process

Optimize Resource utilization

Optimizing the utilization of company resources through the use of sales stage specific resource recommendations for internal and external resources

Increase Pipeline Accuracy

Increase pipeline accuracy by establishing and adopting defined strategic activities and resources for fulfilling sales stage specific STOP GAP advancement criteria

Sales Process Roadmap


The Sales Process Roadmap M2Execution offers guides sales professionals through the process and helps front line sales managers better coach and develop their teams.

Tom Ashton, Regional Sales Manager at Walsworth Print Group

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