Questions About Our Training Workshops

What is the limit of participants you can have per class? Is there a minimum for a workshop?

M2Execution workshops are very interactive and include high touch 1:1 coaching following practice exercises and role plays. Therefore, to maximize the coaching experience, we recommend not to exceed 12 participants per training workshop.  The exception is the Collaborating and Negotiating workshop   that can accommodate up to 24 participants. To receive good value and facilitate powerful peer feedback, we recommend a minimum of 6-8 participants for any of our workshops.

What type of materials do you have to help me communicate an upcoming workshop with my team?

We offer two pre-workshop communication options for our clients, so you can select how much you’d like to take on:

  1. We write the pre-workshop communication and send it to either the Program Manager or Sales Manager to distribute to the participants two weeks prior to the workshop with a completion due date 3 days prior to the first day of the workshop.
  2. We forward pre-workshop communication templates to the Program Manager or Sales Manager who can customize the correspondence.
What type of preparation work is required from me prior to Sales Clinic or your other workshops?

Because participants use their own real-time new business development or current account sales opportunities for workshop practice exercises and role plays, they will have pre-work to prepare prior to the workshop. We encourage participants to complete their pre-work with their direct managers one week prior to the workshop. This facilitates collaboration and a coaching opportunity for both the participant and the manager.

What percentage of a workshop is interactive vs. lecture style?

M2Execution workshops are highly interactive and are designed to focus on the individual performance of each participant. All training workshops include baseline audio or video recordings emulating a “sports clinic” type of experience. The objective of the baseline recordings is to capture participant’s demonstrated strengths, identify current skill gaps, and target behaviors to coach to move the performance needle. Using effective adult learning and coaching methods, we present concepts, reinforce with client-specific customized models, and provide numerous practice and role play exercises which are reinforced with 1:1 prescriptive coaching to accelerate sustainable behavior change.

Do you have an offering specifically valuable during annual Sales Kickoff Meetings?

Our most requested workshop for a Sales Kick-off Meeting for Sales Professionals and Strategic Account Mangers is the New Business Development Workshop. We tailor the workshop content to meet our client’s time and training requirements. And we include the option to offer a post sales kick-off webinar to reinforce and provide additional practice and coaching opportunities.

Our second most popular workshop, Accelerate Sales Coaching Workshop for Front Line Sales Managers, can be offered prior to, during, or after the Sales Kick-off Meeting. To ensure that Front Line Sales Managers are well-prepared to coach their sales teams following a Sales Kickoff Meeting, we include New Business Development skills and tailored examples into their situation-specific practice exercises for sales coaching.

Do you provide training workshops open to the public?

Because we specialize in training workshops that are customized to our client’s industry, their strategic initiatives, and talent management performance competency models, we do not currently offer standardized workshops that are open to the general public.

Do you have references we can speak to regarding their training experience prior to engaging?

Our clients are promoters of our expertise and quality of work. Check out our client testimonials throughout the website. If you desire a one-on-one client referral conversation, we are happy to set up this introduction for you.

What is unique or different about M2execution training workshops?

We consistently hear from current and past workshop participants that our training workshops are not like any other sales training they’ve experienced in their careers. We attribute this to our strategic and relevant training content, facilitated by highly experienced instructors and coaches. To give you additional insight, here is what our client had to say…

Maureen Haga is one of the best consultative sales training coaches in the United States. Her M2Execution process and methodology provides clear usable strategies for sales teams of all levels. The training is well organized and easily adaptable to all products or services, and when used consistently will increase your teams’ sales and closure success rates. Amy Deveau Sales Vice President Direct Marketing Freedom Graphic Systems

How does M2execution engage with clients?

M2eX partners with each client to assess current challenges and gaps inhibiting sales execution. Once the gaps are defined, we work in collaboration with our customers to tailor training and/or coaching solutions that directly address the defined gaps and reinforce sustainable behavior change needed to accelerate sales growth and execution

How long does it take to customize the training workshops?

During our discovery process, we purposefully learn our client’s business using our three C’s engagement approach: We Clarify, Correct and Confirm your strategic initiatives, sales goals, current market challenges and sales talent skill gaps that impede growth. Collaborating with your company SME’s, we customize our proven new business development methods and sales execution tools. Based on our knowledge and our client’s accessibility to collaborate, we can customize a training workshop in under 4 weeks.

Questions About Our Coaching Services

Do you provide individual coaching services and if so how is it managed?

We offer individual coaching services to Sales Professionals, Strategic Account Managers, Front Line Sales Managers and Sales VP’s. To determine the optimal coaching package that meets your needs, hit let’s talk button to schedule an introductory call to discuss your goals and personal aspirations so we can determine the best coaching package for you.

What is the experience level of the M2eX coaches?

M2Execution coaches bring extensive multi-industry coaching experience, with an average 20 plus years of experience.  They are trained and certified in various coaching methods equipping them to use the most effective coaching method to fulfill your own and your sales team’s coaching needs.

Do you have references for your 1:1 coaching that I can speak with prior to engaging?

Our clients are promoters of our expertise and quality of work. Check out our client testimonials throughout the website. If you desire a one-on-one client referral conversation, we are happy to set up this introduction for you.  Here’s a snap shot of what you can expect from our 1:1 coaching sessions…

I have had the opportunity to participate in several sales clinics and coaching sessions with M2execution.  Even with many years of sales experience, these sessions have been insightful in building on my strengths and identifying areas of improvement. .  The coaching feedback provided in the 1:1 sessions is exceptional.  Kelley Lizarraga Business Development Sales Executive

How do you work with Sales Managers when providing sales coaching services?

M2eX partners with Sales Managers in helping them define and close sales execution gaps. We offer three unique sales management coaching services, so you can select which solution best meets your own coaching needs and your sales team’s development:

  1. Personalized Sales Manager Coaching Services sharpens the vision and augments the leadership capabilities of a front line sales manager who has lapsed or little coaching training. Customized 1:1 situational coaching sessions spanning over 10 to 12 weeks with an experienced M2eX coach.
  2. Sales Team Coaching Services helps experienced sales managers who have time constraints preventing sufficient 1:1 coaching .The Sales Manager establishes an active partnership with an M2eX coach with the objective of efficiently meeting the varied coaching needs of his sales team. The M2eX Coach acts as a lifeline, enabling an overextended sales manager by providing tactical directive and discovery sales coaching to their sales professionals, guided by sales strategies established by the sales manager. In addition, M2eX coach will identify sales execution obstacles limiting the sales managers’ sales team from achieving revenue results and optimal productivity.  Coaching sessions span over 10 to 12 weeks.
  3. Peer-to-Peer Coaching Services helps Sales Managers take advantage of the unique experiences, broad expertise and tribal knowledge of the individuals on their sales team in order to facilitate the sharing of success stories and best practices across their teams. M2eX Coach works with sales managers to create a collaborative framework and establish a comfortable forum for sales professionals enabling the peers to share their positive experiences, guidance on obstacles, and recommend proven resources to use throughout the business development process.

Questions About Our Sales Execution Tools

Are the sales execution tools customized to meet client’s requirements and needs?

M2Execution offers on demand strategic, yet simple to use sales execution tools: The Sales Playbook, My Mobile Coach and Sales Process Roadmap. Each tool is customized to incorporate our client’s strategic initiatives, sales strategies, value propositions and recommended internal company resources to use at the right time to qualify, advance and close business development opportunities. One of our clients shared, “The Sales Playbook was an important reinforcement tool for it provided the team the ability to advance through each sales stage, using a defined sales strategy, specific PUB dialogue openers and/or differentiating discovery questions.” To learn more, go to our Sales Execution Tools page and hit the button, Show me the Tools

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