Sales Discovery Guide

You never get used to the feeling of telling your leadership that anticipated revenue wont’ be coming in this quarter. It’s embarrassing and your credibility is questioned with every forecast fail. Premature qualification is almost always the root cause for bloated pipelines and forecast inaccuracy.

We’re Giving you a Lifeline

M2eX has developed a proven, intuitive Sales Discovery Guide that Sales Professionals can leverage to drive pipeline accuracy and make correct, early stage, go/no go decisions. Download our E-Book that includes:

  • An overview of 4 types of high yield questions to help you win fast or walk away
  • Specific examples of discovery questions and what sales stage is the best to use them
  • Valuable insight on what buyers really think about their meetings with sales professionals

By refining your discovery conversations based on our Discovery Guide, you’ll learn when to pursue a deal and when to walk away (and when to run!). Download your complimentary Discovery Guide E-Book and put a stop to pipeline fiction and forecast failure!

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