1. Are you experiencing sales turn over due to skill gaps and lack of engagement? 
  2. Do individual development plans for sales professionals and managers include prescriptive learning opportunities and one on one coaching?
  3. Is it difficult to recruit and retain top millennial sales talent due to a lack of focus on individual growth and coaching? 

Proven Sales Training & Coaching Solutions

M2Execution uses a calculated, tailored approach to enable your sales organization to consistently meet or exceed revenue goals. Let our training and coaching solutions and tools help you create and sustain unparalleled sales leadership success by developing a winning sales organization.

The M2Execution Engagement Experience

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We navigate your organization with purpose, gaining a deep understanding of your business, culture and behavior.

We do the research to assess the talent and identify prioritized GAPS so we can optimize the critical skills necessary to acquire and retain loyal customers.

We present findings, formulate strategic recommendations and offer comprehensive training and coaching solutions to address the gaps blocking your desired sales leadership outcomes.


We navigate your organization with purpose, gaining a deep understanding of your business, culture and behavior.


We do the research to assess the talent and identify prioritized GAPS so we can optimize the critical skills necessary to acquire and retain loyal customers.


We present findings, formulate strategic recommendations and offer comprehensive training and coaching solutions to address the gaps blocking your desired sales leadership outcomes.

Sales Training Solutions

The American Society for Training and Development reports that continuous training yields 50% higher net sales per employee.

American Society for Training and Development (ATD)

Sales Clinic 3 Days

A highly interactive and engaging workshop to help more sales professionals achieve quota with coached sales stage advancement, while identifying and addressing individual skills and performance gaps that impede sales talent success.

Establish New Business Development Competency

Develop competency for securing and executing new business development calls with key decision makers

Improve Customer Facing Skills

Enhance, practice and be coached on client focused discovery skills to uncover underlying interests and unforeseen challenges

Increase Business Development Capability

Concentrate on mastering the key skills used in early stage new business development conversations

New Business Development Workshop 1.5

Introduce a new business development dialogue framework and the supporting skillset to enable sales professionals to quickly create customer interest, qualify needs and requirements, and facilitate an urgent desire to execute.

Position Sales Professionals to Succeed in their Role

Provide sales professionals with a proven method, our proprietary PUB Dialog framework, and the skills to correctly leverage the approach to invite and facilitate effective new business development conversations

Develop Situational Self Awareness Skills

Hone the business development and situational self awareness skills required to quickly recognize and validate what decision makers need and require to qualify and advance opportunities

Tailor High Impact Customer Conversations

Teach skills required to develop tailored value propositions targeting specific customer needs

New Business Development Workshop


Maureen Haga's character, competence, consistency and commitment are extraordinary! She takes pride in facilitating workshops and executing programs to help sales teams exceed their sales goals.

Letitia L. Robinson Global Director- Learning and Talent Management at Heidrick & Struggles

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Multi-Touch Prospecting Workshop 1 Day

Educate on developing and implementing an effective prospecting plan to secure more initial sales calls that result in a larger sales funnel.

Optimize Channel Execution

Instill the knowledge and understanding needed to discern when to call a prospect, what communication channel to use and how to follow up to create customer interest and accelerate engagement

Sharpen Skillset to Accelerate Qualification

Sharpen qualification skills based on targeted questions, sharp listening skills and relevant calls to action

Persuasive Communication Skills

Provide training and examples of persuasive communication techniques to effectively state value propositions and pique attention in telephone prospect calls and cold call voice mails

Proposal Presentation Workshop 2 Days

Utilize Workshop Learning to create and Communicate compelling value by presenting polished, persuasive proposals that establish direct linkage between the customer’s confirmed, prioritized needs and your company’s tailored solution.

Facilitate Customer Centric Discussions

Articulate maximum value with your tailored proposal and gain competitive advantage by facilitating a customer centric discussion that removes uncertainty and hesitation

Present a compelling ROI Business Case

Have confidence in presenting tailored solutions supported by compelling performance data and positive ROI business cases

Sharpen Interactive Listening Skills

Leverage interactive listening skills and a conversational Q&A framework to address underlying objections., remove uncertainty and inspire action when seeking agreement to a proposal

Collaborating and Negotiating Workshop 2 Days

This workshop, offered through our strategic partnership with Zehren Friedman Associates, will prepare the sales team with creative collaboration skills and knowledge of the five negotiating styles. This skillset will enable sales professionals to lead well planned and highly effective negotiation efforts.

Build Skillset to Lead Negotiations

Learn steps and techniques to lead at each stage of a negotiation: Planning, Opening, Discovery, Devising Solutions, Reaching Agreement, and Implementation

Learn via Scenario Based, Practical Application & Coaching

Apply learned negotiation and collaboration skills in at least four mock negotiation scenarios and benefit from detailed feedback and coaching through this skills application

Master Negotiation Planning Skills

Understand the criticality of thorough, thoughtful planning and learn how to plan for each stage of a negotiation to set yourself up for consistent success in various negotiation situations

Sales Coaching Solutions

Sales reps who receive just three hours of coaching a month exceed their goals by 7%, boosting revenue by 25% and increasing the average close rate by 70%.

Corporate Executive Board (CEB)

Accelerate Sales Coaching 1.5 Days

Empower Front Line Sales Managers with coaching skills, a proven approach and tools so they can effectively direct high impact, results oriented coaching conversations that optimize sales team engagement, productivity and retention.

Coach to Impact Defined Development Goals

Adopt a proven, structured, and disciplined approach to coaching that facilitates high impact coaching conversations with sales team members of varied skill levels in order to impact personal and professional development goals.

Cement Learning with Personalized Coaching

Immediately apply sales leadership’s learning to real time, opportunity coaching with direct reports while receiving guidance by one-on-one support from an M2eX coach.

Establish a Sales Coaching Culture

Accelerate the mastery of sales coaching by leveraging the Directive and Discovery Framework as well as support tools to help ensure desired results are achieved.

Accelerate Sales Coaching


We turned to Maureen Haga and the M2Execution team to provide comprehensive and customized sales training to execute our sales process. Maureen Haga is a strategic-thinker and a focused sales performance coach who helps organizations succeed.

Rob Quadracci, HR Director at Quad/Graphics

Personalized Sales Manager Coaching

Enhance the leadership skills and sharpen the vision of front line sales managers through customized 1:1 situational coaching sessions with an M2eX coach. Create a strategic coaching action plan to help Front Line Sales Managers meet team objectives and ensure their own professionals growth & success.

Coach to address & minimize skill gaps

Deliver the structure, focus and support required to grow professional coaching skills to address ongoing challenges within the current sales team

Develop Coaching Competency

Provide the guidance and tools necessary to establish and execute a consistent coaching plan for direct reports that will help them develop their individual skills and competencies to enable consistent quota attainment

Support HR Performance Management

Provide assistance with how to approach HR development and/or performance management programs and documentation related requirements for their sales team

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Sales Team Coaching

Provide Front Line Sales Managers with tailored guidance by an M2eX coach, aimed at helping experienced, time constrained, sales managers to provide valuable coaching to mid-level talent with the time and focus they need to develop revenue generation skills.

Develop mid level Talent

Experienced sales managers will be able to provide mid level players with the guidance of a highly experienced M2eX sales coach to help advance opportunities, in real time, while developing key skills and competencies across the team

Collaboration with Sales Manager

Train Sales professionals to analyze and articulate their current sales opportunity stage, prepare pre call plans, conduct post call analysis and create sales action plans to share with the Sales Manager

Highly Effective Sales Coaching Tools

The use of highly effective sales coaching tools to facilitate commitment and a disciplined approach with built in follow-up and accountability for sales professionals

Sales Execution Tools

Best in Class Sales teams are 26% more likely to offer real-time, deal specific coaching.

- Peter Ostrow, VP Research Group Director, Sales Effectiveness at Aberdeen Research

My Mobile Coach™

Harness mobile technology to create sustainable behavior change by enabling on demand, relevant and situation specific coaching content to reinforce crucial sales skills and competencies for sales professionals.

Activate an Ongoing Reinforcement Methodology

Optimize investments in sales training and development through consistent, ongoing reinforcement of learning

Address Individual Development Needs

Improve the coaching skill and capability of Front Line Sales Managers by providing them a direct line of sight into sales activities, calls and outcomes in order to coach to individual development needs

Enable Confidence and Enhance Credibility

Impressive mobile delivery of the most current and relevant training content establishes Sales Professional confidence and improves credibility

My Mobile Coach™


The sales execution tools provided in these sessions have helped me create effective business development dialogue openers, as well as leverage discovery questions to truly uncover the client’s needs.

Kelley Lizarraga, Business Development Sales Executive

Sales Playbook

A highly customized, tool that supports sales stage advancement. Leveraging the sales playbook tool across the sales organization develops crucial skills and competencies including opportunity management, pipeline accuracy, and timely, correct qualification.

Identify Sales Skill Gaps

Reinforces key sales process stage based activities and dialogue to help vet out the gaps inhibiting sales professionals from successfully executing on growth and client satisfaction initiatives

Deliver Customized, Engaging Content

Customized content aligned with go to market messaging that facilitates engagement throughout the sales process

Build Customer Trust and Advocacy

Enables sales professionals to clarify, correct and confirm value drivers and articulate compelling and differentiating value proposition messaging that builds client trust and advocacy

Sales Playbook


The Sales Playbook was an important reinforcement tool for it provided the team the ability to advance through each sales stage, using a sales strategy, specific PUB dialogue openers and/or discovery questions. M2executions sales programs will drive your organization to higher success and hold both your team and yourself accountable.

Debbie Sutherland, Vice President Sales

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Sales Process Roadmap

The Sales Process Roadmap is M2eX’s innovative sales process coaching tool aimed at addressing the myriad of sales execution inconsistencies arising from a non-existing or poorly defined sales process. It is a strategic and tactical roadmap that facilitates the effective execution of the sales process from the Senior Sales Manager’s strategic vision to the day-to-day activities of individual sales professionals.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Optimizing the utilization of company resources in various roles and with varied skillsets through the use of sales stage specific resource recommendations

Clearly Defined Activities for Sales Stage Advancement

Increase Productivity by establishing and adopting defined strategic sales activities and resources to fulfill stage advancement criteria effectively and seamlessly

Simplify and Speed up Sales Onboarding

Simplify the sales onboarding process to reduce the time required to achieve revenue objectives and improve the overall experience for newly hired sales talent

Sales Process Roadmap


The Sales Process Roadmap M2Execution offers guides sales professionals through the process and helps front line sales managers better coach and develop their teams.

Tom Ashton, Regional Sales Manager at Walsworth Print Group

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